2009 Year End Report


2009 has been a year of gestation for Hearth. One new series was begun, a number of other new series were conceived and a number of classes were held. But the biggest concern in 2009 was the creation of a new non-profit corporation to move Hearth programs into so that it may be independent of Metta Foundation. With an eye to economy, and not knowing much about the subtleties of developing a non-profit, we have made a number of errors in filing the non-profit forms and have had to retrace our steps. The foundation that was formed has had to be dissolved so that we may start over correctly. Following is a summary of Hearth’s activities in 2009 and steps taken towards our new home base.

Hearth classes-2009

Five classes were held with 45 students in total:

  • Shrine Room #15 and #16-Total of 18 students

  • Three refuges #6-Total of 8 students

  • Death & Illness #2-Total of 10 students

Classes being developed:

Tending the Body Temple-Wellness series- This wellness series aims at fostering self-love in moms and reminds them to take good care of themesleves. The series was presented as editions in our monthly newsletter. The topics include:

  • Walking/movement

  • Solitude

  • Friendship

  • Abyanga/touch

  • Weight/eating

  • Adornment/beauty

The four noble truths and 8 fold paths for moms-this 12 week series is beginning may 2010. It incorporates dependent origination, self-reliance and mindfulness meditation. The lessons are:

  • Introduction

  • The first noble truth-suffering

  • The second noble truth-craving

  • The third noble truth-enlightenment

  • The fourth noble truth-the 8 fold path

    • Right view

    • Right thought

    • Right speech

    • Right action

    • Right livelihood

    • Right effort

    • Right mindfulness

    • Right concentration

  • Summary

Meditation: this series is designed to support students in their home practice. The Shine Room series is a prerequisite. The topics include:

  • What is meditation?

  • Visualizations and contemplations

  • Setting up a daily practice

  • Hindrances to meditation

  • Samadi and vipassana

Home Enlightenment series: Bringing mindfulness into everyday homemaking tasks in order to breathe new life and meaning into daily work.

  • Creating order

  • Creating beauty

  • Homemaking and the environment

  • Budgeting time and money

  • Housework as meditation practice

Greater World series: Socially engaged Buddhism. Ways to bring our insights and practice out into the world:

  • Building sangha

  • Volunteering

  • Comparative religions-wisdom traditions, how they differ and are like Buddhism. Blending Buddhism and other religions.

  • Living lightly on the planet

Further Hearth activities in 2009

Radiant Hearth incorporation

The name chosen for our new corporation, decided on by the Hearth team after sending out a questionnaire to Hearth members, was Radiant Hearth Foundation. This name was sent to the Secretary of State and approved enabling us to begin the incorporation process. We sent in articles of incorporation in which we described ourselves in article 2 as a “non-profit benefit corporation for charitable purposes. Although article 4 states that we are “organized and operated exclusively for educational and religious purposes” we were deemed a public benefit corporation rather than a religious organization. As this has tax and other implications we have been trying to restate the articles without success. We are currently dissolving this corporation and creating a new one that will be a “religious organization” thus enabling us to move into church status at some later date. This process has taken a considerable amount of time and energy in 2009. We look forward to moving on with this in 2010.